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Here's a little corner that was built for those who really care about their health and fitness: to visit, share information, learn, and live a strong life. Everyone has been handpicked; this is not a public forum. The fees pay for the maintenance, keeps out the riff-raff, and allows me to continue to do research on your behalf. Most of us here will not have the cost of gym memberships; so for less than the price of your monthly coffee note, you may do your part in making this a successful and interesting cyber space.

If you are interested in becoming a member of our group, please send us a message briefly explaining why you would like to be a group member, what your goals and interests in this space are, and please include any questions or comments that you might have. It is as much as an interview for acceptance as it is a chance for you to ask questions and learn more about the Center. We will respond in detail as soon as possible: CONTACT US.

The Strength & Wellness Center is a tele-health system of delivering high quality wellness practices that will help to reduce your stress, improve your health & function, and so, improve your physical performances. The major pillars of health are physical activity, nutrition, breath control, and stress management. It is well understood by this point that it is lifestyle & environmental exposure which has the greatest negative impact on your strength & health, possibly causing you discomfort expressed through physical signs and symptoms. Changing your behavior and cultivating better habits is the only way to rectify the root cause of your issues. There is no deficiency in the body of anti-depressants, opioids, beta-blockers, or statins that is causing your dysfunction and discomfort—these formulations lead to a degree of symptom relief by further altering cellular function in whatever manner. Your behaviors can be changed such that your cellular function will improve, restoring health and ameliorating discomfort and symptoms.

With respect to chronic disease and discomfort, western medicine is over-burdened, retroactive, misguided and failing society on the whole. Personal education, responsibility, and action is the only way to move forward without imploding the entire economy and social construct. My hope is that this project will set the example for others to follow. There is a lot of content for the initiated to read through and learn from; other group members will also serve as part of your educational experience; and finally, the staff is here to educate and research on your behalf.

Some folks will be here as students only, not wishing to engage with others, and keep to themselves in their space on the logs. This is ok; please respect anyone's wish for privacy by not hounding them in their log. Others will be more social and welcome unsolicited comments. Inner circles will form as we move on. Please enjoy your time here.

I am looking forward to seeing you in the center.
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