This website is the closest thing to a physical expression of an abstract idea: A cyber ‘Strength & Wellness’ facility. As an analogy of what you might experience in the real world, enter the facility through the home page and learn about what we do, i.e., read the public material, and ask questions through the contact page. This is very much like sitting down with me in my office and having a discussion about how I can help you meet your goals—which brings me to our mission: To help others meet their health and fitness goals. Enjoy your stay.

The content contained herein was borne out of fitness and performance improvement, but has evolved over the many years of clinical experience into a primary focus on human health improvement. You can indeed get stronger and more enduring while your health degrades, and it will be short-lived. As such, we do not make recommendations that trade one’s health for physical capacity; nor do we believe that this trade off need be made at all. There are many non-medical practices that will improve health, reverse disease, and support optimal performance in your sport or recreation, but you have to advocate for your self and put the time and effort into your life. Though you may have found us through the world of strength and fitness, we will guide you through an individualized approach to those lifestyle interventions that have proven effective in restoring health and function, and so improving strength & endurance. It is difficult to trust a process when that process does not reveal quick results. A guide can keep you on the correct path.

The private portion of this project requires membership. It is a group-based discussion forum where you will learn how to take control of your own health and function. It is for serious and mature inquiry only, and the membership fees reflect this. Our intent is to build a small community of individuals who are interested in becoming lifelong student practitioners of Strength & Health. The medical system is failing us—learn how you can get off the teet.

About Al

Al Ciampa is currently employed as a professional in the United States Civil Service, serving the Department of the Air Force as a researcher, educator and director of health promotion. He began his path toward expertise as a health & physical educator through barbell training in his adolescent years. He competitively participated in the sports of powerlifting and weightlifting, coached athletes in both sports, and co-owned and operated a hard-structure fitness & wellness facility for several years. He served in the United States Army as a LRS-D team member, and then as director of the Modern Army Combatives Program in South Korea, where he observed and applied health & physical training interventions to large groups of diverse individuals. He has academic training in physics, mathematics, philosophy, exercise science, and psychology. He has earned an undergraduate degree in exercise science, a graduate degree in sports and health sciences and is currently working towards a doctorate in psychology. Over the past two decades, he has been certified by the various “gold standard” organizations of the health and fitness industry, but now, only maintains those certifications that are required for employment, produce a high-quality educational product, or personal interest.

Al has researched, designed and taught original curricula; providing instruction for exercise leaders and students on topics such as human movement, exercise training, rehabilitation, physical training program design, and health improvement strategies. His work with literally thousands of individuals and groups has taught him that simplicity reigns, and less is more. Through research and clinical experience, Al has learned that stress is the common denominator—it causes premature aging, physiological & psychological dysfunction, thwarts our efforts to improve our health, and degrades physical performance. Any health or fitness intervention must attend to stress management as well, or risk failure. A constant student of human physiology and function, Al keeps the blade sharp, providing the very best of content and personal attention for his students.

Al Ciampa, StrongFirst-certified instructor