A note about community conduct and PT logs

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Ryan Talbert

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PT Logs

You have a have significant amount of leeway on how you use your personal PT Log, however be mindful that it is not private. If that's desired, a pen and paper would serve you better. Other than the value of reflection and personal growth, your PT log does not represent the community at large. On the flipside, it is your choice whether or not to read someone's log. Totally fine and fair for anyone to ask others to keep off their grass, but be respectful about it.


Fundamental rights and duties should go hand in hand. With the right to freedom of speech comes the duty to consider how your words and tone are received and the acknowledgement that you are in the context of a community. That applies to language used, content and unsolicited or disrespectful feedback etc... know who you're talking to and how they may receive what you say.

Despite all my amazingly profound prose about rights and duties... BWAS is NOT a democracy; this is a private, tuition-based forum. The expectation is everyone has a personal stake in making this a great place where a variety of folks can come to learn and cultivate deep health.

As a last resort, people can and will be removed from the community if they consistently make it an inhospitable or inflammatory environment. As the owner and administrator of this website and forum, that assessment falls on my shoulders.

PM me if you have any questions or wish to discuss further.

Keep it classy folks. 🤙
Not open for further replies.